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Good morning everybody,

We hope you have all had a great weekend and are ready for a bit of school work this morning. We understand that lockdown is really stretching out now and you guys must be finding it quite hard to stay focused on your schoolwork. We want to remind you all that you can only do what you can do. We don’t want anyone to be worried or stressed that you are not doing enough work or that you will be behind next year. All of the teachers, including the secondary teachers, are prepared for a different approach when they see you next. We all know that you will have forgotten some things and not even learned other things that you would usually know at this stage. We are going to get you all caught up!! As Ms O Riordans keeps saying, read everyday!!! If you get nothing else done, at least you’ve read.We would encourage daily tables work too as many of you need constant work on this especially before secondary school. This needs only to be 10 minutes a day, even through the summer, but don’t forget all the fun tables games you can play online and it won’t even feel like schoolwork 😀!!!

Ms O’Riordan is running a photo competition this week- it looks like a fun one!! Check it out on the Aladdin app.
Sixth class should keep checking the app for details of your graduation. I hope you all sent in your photo!!
The weather is supposed to get warm again so I’m reminding you all about your sun cream. Remember it’s not about whether your skin burns or not, it’s about protecting if from the suns harmful rays.
Even if your skin can handle the sun and tans easily , you should still wear sunblock with a 5 star UVA rating.
Also with the good weather on the way back, we’d like to remind you all about water safety!! It’s so tempting to go out with your friends and cool off in a lake or river when it gets really hot. It’s so important that there is an adult with you or if you’re at the beach that you swim near the lifeguard flags. That way if you get into difficulty, which so easily happens, then there is someone there to save or rescue you. Please stay safe and be sensible.

The only work that we would ask you all to complete is the Stay Safe programme. Ms Butler sent a huge amount of worksheets relating to Bullying last week. We would ask that all parents read through this with their child. I am including the link here, http://www.staysafe.ie/teachers/5+6%20class.pdf

This programme would have been completed by all sixth class students before the end of the year so it is important that this happens. Fifth class should do at least two lessons. We would have discussed most of the topics in class but not as a formal lesson. We strongly advise you all to have a very frank discussion with your child about each topic, using the book for guidance and vocabulary.

Please get out regularly throughout the day whether it’s for a walk with your family or to play with your friends. Keep moving!!

We miss you all so much and would like to see you all on a video call before the year ends. We would like to use zoom for this call, so if you could download the zoom app onto a phone or computer in preparation for this call, we would really appreciate it. We would be aiming to chat to you all in the last week of June which gives you a week to download it.
Here’s the link to that app.
I'm using Zoom for video meeting and chat. Get the free app at https://us04web.zoom.us/download

Ms O’Hagan will be trying to call you all this week so keep an eye out for the private number!! Looking forward to chatting to you all.
This letter can be viewed on the Aladdin app where the above links will be live links.

Ms O'Hagan & Ms Butler

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