Greetings Star Class May 18th

Work packs on their way again!! Here's some ideas.

HI everyone,

I hope you are all well. I am sure that you are all starting to get really bored at home, but try to do something new everyday. My kids have started collecting recycling things and storing them, then when we get really bored, we use all the boxes and milk cartons to build things. This week, we had to build a tower but it had to be strong enough to hold a basketball or a football at the top. I'll show you Doireann and Tadhg's creation below. Caoimhe and Caelan got bored doing that and ended up trying to invent a ball painting machine- it didn't quite work out!


I hear that some of you have finished your Number Facts books. That is great news, well done everyone. If you have not finished, then just carry on doing one page everyday. It is great for your tables practice which is in turn great for your maths skills. Don't forget about Studyladder!! There are so many fun games and activities on this website and you are all signed up so it is easy to access. I have set you all different tasks to suit your levels and you earn points that you can then use to decorate your rooms online.

I will be be sending out some Stay Safe worksheets that I would like you all to complete with your guardians this week. I have sent a separate message for your parents about this.

I know that everyone is worried about what will happen in September but unfortunately none of us know the answer to that question yet. We hope that we will all be back together again and that school will be as we remember but I think we all have to be prepared for some changes. I don't know what those changes will be but I know that we can work it out together.

Here is a suggestion for a daily timetable of schoolwork:







x4 +4

X5 +5

X6 +6

X7 +7

Test yourself(topmarks)


(worksheets provided can be done everyday but here's other ideas in case you need a change)

Time- use your studyladder account to practice time related topics

Pick 8 shapes(2d and 3d) and see how many you can find around your house in ten minutes

Length- Pick five objects in your house and guess how many centimetres, or inches long they are- write your guess and then use your ruler to get the real measurement and compare answers

Volume- how much liquid fits into a container??

Fill a bowl or a saucepan and get 3 different sized cups, jars, bottles- guess how many times you will have to fill each one to empty your bowl/ saucepan. Now find out for real!

Go to and try one of the daily activities- there are so many fun ones!!


A short Story

Listen to an audiobook( wizarding world online for Harry Potter fans) (David Walliams on youtube)

Read a chapter of a book

Read a book to a younger sibling

Finish your book over the weekend


Write a diary entry from your weekend

Think of a your favourite book and make up a new ending for it

Write a letter or an e mail to a friend or maybe even your teacher

Spend 20 minutes free writing- anything at all you want to write about

Write a wish list of things you'd like to do when all this is over


PE with Joe

Circuit cards(coming in pack)- you could do these every single day to improve your muscles and keep you fit and healthy! All the family can join in

Walk with Family- count all the different types and colours of flowers you can find

Do time trials- see how fast you can run around your area- time yourself- see if you can improve your time

PE with Joe on youtube

Cosmic Kids yoga on youtube

Pick a sports skill that you need to improve- search online for ways to improve


5 days of kindness worksheets

Stay Safe

5 days of kindness works sheets

Stay Safe

5 days of kindness worksheets

Stay Safe

5 days of kindness worksheets

Stay Safe

5 days of kindness worksheets

Stay Safe


Make a robot out of recycled goods

Sketch a picture of your favourite toy/teddy/pet

Can flowers change colour experiment- you'll need 3 food dye and 3 old jars/cut plastic bottles and 3 fresh cut flowers. Put some water and food dye in the jar, trim the end of the flowers and put them in the jar. Wait a while and see what happens!!

Go on to Google earth and see some of the most famous paces in the world- The Great Wall of China, The Sydney Opera House, Times Square, New York.

Google Arts and culture is giving virtual tours of museums and galleries- go check them out if you have a computer. If not, ask a family member to tell you a story about somewhere amazing they have been/seen.

All the best with your work!!! I would love to hear about some of the things that you try during the week or even just a photo sent here or to my e mail would be lovely. Take care everyone!!!

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