Social Media Safety Notice for Parents

Social Media Safety Notice for Parents

A note for Parents/Guardians

There is a 6th class snap chat social media group that most of the 6th class children are involved in. It has come to our attention that there have been many negative and very hurtful comments posted online. As parents, please ensure you have full access to what your child is accessing online. One negative comment towards your child online can and will damage them because it is being read and witnessed by so many others.

For some children it’s online gaming rather than social media. Unfortunately while gaming your child is entering an unreal world and they do not have the skills to deal with this. Children struggle to separate fantasy from reality. Their relationships are affected and this results in increased arguing and fighting in school. Just because the children CAN connect online doesn’t mean they SHOULD connect online. They may be connecting with their friends down the road but they also may be connecting with any stranger anywhere in the world.

Other children use their screens to communicate with their friends on social media. They are not old enough. There is an age of consent for a reason and many problems are created in schools, and beyond, by ‘conversations’, comments, videos and other content posted on a social media site.

Once using a smartphone, our children have access to thoughts, images and places that we would never allow them to access in the real world. Their minds are not ready to process most of what they see. They are not ready emotionally. They are not able socially. They need to be told ‘NO’. They need direction, they need boundaries. There are occasions where they want to be able to remove themselves from uncomfortable situations by saying…’I’m not allowed’….’My mam/dad/guardian won’t let me.’ A lot of the issues our children are dealing with today are as a result of what they have seen, said or sent without our knowledge. You cannot un-see something you have seen. You cannot un-say or un-send something you have posted online but they can have long term detrimental effects on themselves and on others.

It would take a difficult stand but maybe as parents you could work together to protect your children. Your child will say that all their friends are allowed, they will fear that they are missing out and they will most certainly tell you that you are ‘the only one’! As parents, talk to each other, whats ap each other, use social media as a way to communicate and set agreed times for access, an agreed curfew maybe? At least then you won’t be ‘the only one’! Our children need protection from the world inside a smartphone.

The children who recently attended the Ceremony of light publically promised to treat social media responsibly.

Our rules in relation to mobile phones in school remain the same. Children are only allowed a turned off phone in their bag if they have given their teacher a note to explain that they need it to contact parents after school.

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