Letter from the Principal to 3rd Class Parents


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Firstly, welcome to St. Patrick's SNS. I hope your child will have 4 very happy years in our school. We have an excellent staff of teachers and SNAs who strive to prioritise our student's wellbeing and happiness.

I am very aware that our new third class may be quite nervous about returning to school, not only do they have to return after such a long school closure but they have to return to a new school with new teachers, SNAs etc to meet.

Firstly I ask you to download the Aladdin App. You most likely have done this for the Junior school already. Aideen, our school secretary will send you a text message tomorrow with a link to click on to register. You really need this app as it is now our main form of communication.

I have attached our school book list. Aideen will be in our school office from the 24th of August to receive payment, she accepts card and cash. The children need their books paid for before school starts. If you would like to set up a payment contract of €10/€20 per week, please contact me on morcorduff@gmail.com

Children will need 4 English copy books, 2 Maths copies, a pencil case with pencils, a rubber, a sharpener, a ruler, a red and a blue pen. Colours and a pritt stick.

Children need a lunch box and a water bottle.

Regarding uniforms, children can wear the school tracksuit, the school uniform or a plain navy tracksuit with no logos.

First communion is being held on the 19th and 20th of September. The Senior School will work closely with the Junior School to ensure that these are special days for you and your child.

Children return to school on the 31st of August.

Children will make their way directly to their outside classroom door in the morning. The children can arrive anytime between 8.50am and 9.10am. For the first week, 3rd class are welcome to arrive anytime between 8.50am and 9.30am. This will give them an opportunity to enter the school yard at a quiet time if they are nervous. 3rd class parents can accompany their child to their door for the first week, following this the children will make their own way past the gate. There will be support teachers and SNAs on the yard to assist with directions to rooms.

You are very lucky that the three 3rd classes are lovely and small in numbers which will allow for plenty of social distancing.

Ms Suzanne Burns (our past HSCL coordinator) will be taking Ms Cafferky's class. Ms Burns is a very experienced teacher and I have no doubt that your children will be so happy in that class. Mr Gerard Brady will be taking Ms Owen's/Ms Kane's class. Mr Brady has taken 3rd class for the last two years, again I know without doubt that your child will be very happy with Mr Brady. Ms Breen's class teacher has not been appointed yet. I will be doing this on the 25th of August and I will let you know as soon as possible. Please do not worry about this, I will hire an excellent teacher who will receive much support from our experienced teachers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel welcome to contact me on email on morcorduff@gmail.com or by phone from the 24th of August onwards, 8216563

Kind regards,

Mary O'Riordan


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This week in SESE we learned about researching family history. We showed our own family history by creating Family Trees.
Although different, it is great to be back in school. Everyone is working brilliantly and safely.
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