No Idling Campaign-Green Schools

No Idling Campaign-Green Schools

No Idling Campaign-June 2019

As you know, we are taking part in the Green-Schools programme and are now working on the Travel theme. As part of our work on promoting sustainable travel to and from school, we have decided to launch a “No Idling” campaign outside the school gates.

Why stop idling?

  1. Bad for Environment: When an engine is running, it gives out (CO2), the maingreenhouse gas responsible for climate change.
  2. Health: Idling makes for worse air quality, which is bad for our health. It’s worse for youngpeople as their lungsare still developing.
  3. Money: Idling wastes fuel that you’re paying for – it’s like throwing money away!
  4. Safety: Someone is more likely to get run over. When cars and buses are idling outsidea school, it is harder for people to hear carsthat are actually moving, which might behidden behind the idling cars.

All vehicle owners are asked to turn their engines off whilst they wait to help improve air quality, reduce emissions and create a healthier environment around our school gates. By making this simple change, we can make a real difference and improve the quality of air we all breathe. Let’s give it a go! Thank you for your continued support.

Kind Regards,

The Green-Schools Committee

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We finished off Climate Action Week in October with a climate action assembly. See link to Greta Thunberg's powerful video-what small changes can you make?
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