Mr. Cunningham's class work 2nd-5th of June


Hi everyone,

I hope everyone has been enjoying the good weather, try get as much as you can done this week.This week's work is as follows;

Spellbound week 33 exercises 1-5 Revision week (all last week’s answers are on Aladdin)

Mental Maths: Week 34
Monday- Friday (last weeks answers are on Fridays Aladdin as an attachment)

PE: Joe Wicks on YouTube for half hour or try Mr O Hara's PE lessons on the school website.

Math: check out the school website for your individual maths group work, also corrections from last week’s work on the website too.

A Way with words: see attachment on day in Aladdin or go to book page 90, 91, 92
Seesaw: Work on the website
DEAR TIME: 10/15mins each day
Fun Daily Quiz:
Try out these 20 questions each day, submit them to have a chance of winning a daily prizes.

Am Don Leamh, page 64 sentences with words 11-20 down to "bleibíní" 2 sentences each day, I'm not going to translate them this week I'm going to let you research it yourself either in an Irish English dictionary or on Google translate. It will help you learn how to use these resources as you need them.
Also check out TG4 at 10am or on the player
It'll help improve your oral Irish as they do a few Irish lessons at that time.

Art: Arthub Thursday or any of the art on the school website.

Fun extras: Check out RTE from 11:40- 12 for school hub, if you get a chance.
Studyladder for 15/20 mins,

Ms. O Riordan's competition

You can post me back any work you want through Seesaw, Aladdin or send it to my email

Mr. Cunningham

P.S Remember plenty of reading each day

Oct 26
Halloween Break
Dec 23
Christmas Holidays
Feb 18
Mid-Term Break
Mar 17
Bank Holiday
This week in SESE we learned about researching family history. We showed our own family history by creating Family Trees.
Although different, it is great to be back in school. Everyone is working brilliantly and safely.
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